Massages, beauty care: face treatments, nails, eyebrows and lashes.

All year round
La Rosiere 1850



About me

Beauty treatments by Sam – Qualified beautician and experienced well being massage therapist.

After working for several years in Spas and Beauty Salons, I decided to become self-employed in order to be free to offer my customers quality services in which I excel the most.

As a graduated beautician and experienced massage therapist, I not only offer you well-being massages and face treatments, but I also specialize in nails, lashes / eyebrows treatments and face waxing.

I will be delighted to pamper you with kindliness according to what your needs are.
Do not hesitate to treat yourself with a special and one-of-a-kind moment of deep relaxation and beauty.

ONLY ON APPOINTMENT, all year round at 170 impasse des hauts de Manessier, La Rosière 1850, Montvalezan.

I can also come to your home in La Rosière and the surrounding area outside the winter season.


Massages are performed with nourishing vegetable oil with a fragrance due to quality essential oils.

1h : 70€

Whole body massage: from toes to scalp.

  • Californian: flowing and energetic gesture leading to a deep physical and mental relaxation. You can choose the pressure that suits you during your massage.
  • Lomi-lomi: inspired by traditional Hawaiian massage. The fluid and rhythmic motion work gently and deeply into the muscles, allowing the recipient to unwind and relax.
  • Ayurveda: inspired by traditional Indian medicine. Technique combines frictions, effleurages and pressure points. This massage is designed to restore balance between mind and body, promote relaxation and relieve stress.
  • Personalised massage: according to your needs.

25 min: 40€

  • Personalised massage : choose the part of your body that will be massaged :
    • back, neck, scalp.
    • face, upper chest, hands.
    • legs, feet.
    • scalp, hands, feet.
  • Kids massage for 6+. A parent must be in the booth during the massage.

Duo massages, 1h: 140€

Sharing a relaxing moment.

Pregnant women massages are possible under certain conditions, I must be told when taking appointment.


Concerning treatments, I use two brands (L.C.P and Aroma-Zone).

L.C.P by Perron Rigot was created 45 years ago. The brand has recently been redesigned around a new concept: Mixology & Glow, professional care for everyone, whatever their skin tone, complexion and beauty needs. L.C.P is made in France.

The French family business Aroma-Zone was created in 1999 by enthusiasts of nature and its treasures. Aroma-Zone is described as an expert in beauty care and natural cosmetics.

The products of these brands are vegan and not tested on animals. The formulas are innovative with ingredients of natural origin.

Face treatment 50 min : 60€

Anti-aging and moisturizing, each face treatment includes make-up removal, scrub, mask, massage (face, upper chest, arms, hands and scalp).

Back treatment : 50 min : 60€

Relaxing and purifying, each treatment includes a scrub, a mask, a massage (back, neck and scalp), the application of a moisturizer and warm oshibori.

Nails treatments

Each nail treatment includes beautification of cuticles, nail filing and cuticle oil application.

Gel polish – Hands and feet

Last up to 14 days

  • Gel polish application, plain colour : 39€
  • Removal + gel polish application, plain colour : 45€
  • Removal : 20€
  • Fix a broken nail (per nail) : 5€
  • Decor (strass, stickers, per nail) : 0,5 €
  • Nail art (french, sugar effect, baby colour, ect, per nail) : 1€

Other nail treatments

  • Manicure : 38€
  • Pedicure : 40€

Here are advices in order that the gel polish application hold properly :

  • The hours before the application : do not expose your nails to humidity (bath, cleaning, steam room, swimming pool…) or to grease (hand cream, cuticle oil…)
  • After application: it is imperative to wear gloves when handling household products (dishes, cleaning, acetone, turpentine or white spirit…) and not to regularly bring your hands to your mouth.

According to ANSM’s recommendations, the application of gel polish is not recommended in the following situations :

  • You are under 16 years old, the nail is not mature. The presence of a parent is mandatory for minors over 16 years.
  • You suffer from a nail disease (mycosis, psoriasis…)
  • Your nails are fragile or damaged.
  • You are pregnant.
  • You have to undergo a surgical operation.

Certain illnesses, medical treatments, hormonal disorders, and the fact that you regularly bring your hands to your mouth can reduce the grip of gel polish and influence the hold of the application.

Lashes & eyebrows

For these services, I use two Austrian brands (Combinal and RefectoCil), leaders in the eye beauty market in Europe.

Tint and lash lift results last between 4 to 6 weeks.

  • Lashes tint : 20€
  • Eyebrows tint an express hair removal : 20€
  • Lash lift and tint : 75€

If you are pregnant or taking hormonal treatment, lash lift products do not work.

Face waxing

  • 1 zone (eyebrows or upper lip…) 18€
  • 2 zones 30€

Contact us

Open on appointments all year round.
At your home or on site.
Available ONLY ON APPOINTMENT, all year round at 170 impasse des hauts de Manessier, La Rosière or at your home.
24 hours cancellation policy.
Appointments outside La Rosière will be charged an extra 5€, except the 1st one.
These massages are relaxing well-being massages with no therapeutic or sexual purpose.
Underage persons must be accompanied by a parent.
Pregnant women massages are possible under certain conditions, I must be told when taking appointment.
Payment methods accepted : cash.